4" Housings and Trims


50W Envision Trimless Downlight
75W StopAire® Envision Trimless Downlight
Envision Trimless Adjustable Multiplier
Envision Trimless Adjustable Slot Aperture
Envision Trimless Adjustable Angled Cone
Envision Trimless Adjustable Pinhole
Envision Trimless Wall Wash
50W New Construction Housing
50W StopAire® New Construction Housing
50W Remodel Style Housing
50W Remote Transformer Housing
50W Insulated Ceiling/StopAire® Housing
75W New Construction Housing
75W Remodel Style Housing
Baffled Downlight
Adjustable Multiplier
Slotted Wall Wash
Baffled Square
Baffled Pin Spot
Surface Adjustable
Adjustable Pin Spot with Baffle
Black Baffled Eyeball
Flat Glass Shower Light
Baffled Scoop Wall Wash
Angled Wall Wash
Angled Wall Wash Shower Trim
Frosted Glass Cylinder
Fully Adjustable Square in Round
Fully Adjustable Round in Round
Fully Adjustable Square in Square
Fully Adjustable Round in Round
Square Trim, Adjustable Baffle
Square Trim, Adjustable Multiplier