Line Voltage Incandescent


PAR20 Drama
PAR30 Drama
PAR38 Drama
PAR20 Classic Bell
PAR30 Classic Bell
PAR38 Classic Bell
PAR16 Saturna
PAR20 Saturna
PAR30 Saturna
PAR38 Saturna
PAR20 Elite Step Cylinder
PAR30 Elite Step Cylinder
PAR38 Elite Step Cylinder
PAR20 Gimbal
PAR30 Gimbal
PAR20 Front Relamping Gimbal
PAR20 Front Relamping Gimbal
PAR30 Front Relamping Gimbal
PAR30 Front Relamping Gimbal
PAR30LN Front Relamping Gimbal
PAR38 Front Relamping Gimbal
PAR38 Front Relamping Gimbal
PAR38 Heavy Duty Gimbal
PAR38 Slim Style Gimbal
PAR16 Mini Flat Back Cylinder
PAR20 Compact Flat Back Cylinder
PAR30 Compact Flat Back Cylinder
PAR38 Compact Flat Back Cylinder
PAR20 Flat Back Cylinder
PAR30L Flat Back Cylinder
PAR38 Flat Back Cylinder
PAR20 Round Back Cylinder
PAR30LN Round Back Cylinder
PAR38 Round Back Cylinder
PAR16 Mini Round Back Cylinder
PAR20 Compact Round Back Cylinder
PAR30 Compact Round Back Cylinder
PAR38 Compact Round Back Cylinder
PAR16 GU10 Lampholder with Tapered Cone
PAR20 Lampholder with Reflector Cone
PAR30 Lampholder with Reflector Cone
New Decade Wall Wash: White Louver
New Decade Wall Wash: Black Louver
Universal Lampholder
Universal Lampholder and Shades
Low Profile Side Swivel Universal Lampholder
Side Swivel Universal Lampholder
Ultimate Universal Lampholder
Universal Lampholder with Adjustable Side Swivel
Decorative Lamp Holder
Mini Round Back Cylinder, GU10 Base
Mini Gimbal Ring, GU10 Base
Saturna, GU10 Base