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Saturna with PAR38 LED Lamp

  • Blends an elegant patented design with superior performance. (Patent # D 345,616)
  • Die-cast aluminum housing features open back design for cooler operation
  • Dual-rail yoke design provides a hi-tech, less bulky look
  • Sure Set yoke for precise aiming without tools and full 350° rotation
  • Integral ON/OFF switch and track polarity indicator are standard
  • Includes Megaman® PAR38 LED Lamp
  • Dimmable to 10% with forward phase/TRIAC dimming. For optimal performance, use forward phase/TRIAC dimmer specifically designed for LED lamps. Dimming performance may vary due to field conditions, including but not limited to, power quality, installation and wiring, and variations in dimmer production. Please reference the dimmer manufacturer’s instructions for dimmer installation and further information.
  • Finishes: Black, White, Silver
  • cCSAus Certified