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24VDC Zig-Zag LED Flexible Tapelight

  • Laterally bendable zig-zag design provides flexibility in applications requiring bends and arcs
  • Available in standard and high output, LEDs provide excellent luminous intensities at low drive currents, resulting in low power consumption and consistent, stable performance
  • Standard output: 2.5W/ft, 260Lm/ft
  • High output: 3.8W/ft, 385Lm/ft
  • Modular “plug and play” system features a wide range of power supplies, controllers and connectors. System is easy to install with no need for field soldering
  • The Zig-Zag tapelight series is available in four (4) color temperatures: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 6500K, 80+ CRI
  • Zig-Zag Series tapelight is dimmable using any of the TL series dimming controls
  • Available in 20' reels consisting of connected, individual 12" segments. Can also be purchased in individual 12" segments.
  • Each segment includes male and female connector ends for continuous linear installations. Each 12" segment can also be cut (on the cut lines) in 4" increments to provide optimal fit and flexibility for any installation.
  • The TLZ tapelight is easy to install using the 3M double sided adhesive on each segment; tape can be directly mounted to most surfaces
  • For additional thermal heatsinking, protection of the LEDs and an overall cleaner aesthetic, using the aluminum mounting channel is recommended. The aluminum mounting channel is easily installed utilizing the appropriate set of mounting clips.
  • cCSAus Certified to UL standards.
  • Suitable for dry or damp locations. Not suitable for wet locations.